Playing The Strongest Hand

A conversation with your secondary source scholars putting it on the other order from chaos my favorite right what element service the background to the projects this is we’ve talked like that’s using the free writing custom to create a backdoor before you outline and there is disagreement on that but this is this is just a kind of outline that can emerge from these free writing exercises introduction address what’s argument said about the topic right you you want to start off by or I’m not saying you are I Spit breath but perhaps this is a good way to frame it for something who has absolutely no idea what to do I’m not talking about computers but then why don’t you want to show what what there is and then what what hasn’t been addressed what you wanted.

And I think these kind of emerge from the different right in sense of course however there any thoughts on let’s keep going and a thesis statement in Jordan it could be whatever a medalist and then three different arguments in support of your statement using evidence in support of your argument on assignment’s wanted to but not three and four if you don’t want to codify the conclusions of your secondary primary you don’t want to codify the conclusions of your secondary sources as evidence or what you’re trying to say you want to you want to engage engage them in a different way not as heaviness for comparing more importantly contrast those are what you’re arguing with those secondary source Alice does anyone follow the young this this pattern if you point these three arguments to start with the second and the third and then the most convincing at the end can be for the emphasis yeah yeah I think that’s it might be here they go back and forth with this.

Because I remember early I’m talking to my first advisor who gave me the helpful advice they’re like don’t write a mystery novel right you know like to a certain extent you also want to play your strongest hand through the whole thing right because you’re trying to convince someone but at the same time you also want to write something that it’s enjoyable to read and keeps people reading right as opposed to like well I just read the first paragraph and they said with you know what’s going on and so I can see right but yeah I think it’s good it’s a good a lot of this is about just always providing students with a model and then they have to go off and do what’s best for them right that’s resisted for all of this and I guess what what what I’m trying to do here is sort of paradoxical because I’m saying they should be created they should also follow my plan yeah well you know I think about us a lot it everyone everybody seen that movie find a forester with the coach they can’t remember the name on the actors different on each I encounter.