Assumptions in Research Paper

After the introduction we have related work and reference section of something an important element you talked about kind of a method that we also want to say that there let’s say what the theoretical advantage that we have done we may describe that in a way that we have something also visually appealing and the next important step is the experimental evaluation besides the core master description of the method of course so we need to convince the reader that the method we presented is also useful. Read more articles on convincing the reader at Edusson.

So how does it behave with real world data when taking my new center out and getting new data although in the real world how does my sensor perform is it really as good as I described it to be and so if I make a statement that my whatever sensor device measures one time one hundred times more accurate than an existing technology I need to have experiment that back up that claim so measuring for example the same object was the traditional offender menu device and emphasis and showing that is 100 times more accurate or whatever measure I’m going to take so the important thing is that the claims that 1000 paper actually back up with experimental evaluation you should also at some point in time acknowledge the limitation of your method if you only write this is the best possible work it is better than anything out there it’s very unlikely typically you may have relaxed one of the Assumption or you perform better.

Because you made or assumption about your input and something to explicitly state so what breaks your method in which situations it’s unlikely to work very well something which is very important and typically in the end you kind of wrap up what you’ve done you draw your conclusions so you also describe what what’s the output of your experiment so not only described in the plot number eight we see the performance of different methods really interpret or ease the results and give your interpretation interpretation what these results mean that one method is for example more accurate or performs better in this setting and given out given any idea on what can be next so any paper any theater that you write will have this structure so this is kind of the structure that you typically find in any work so you start with an abstract then talk about the introduction we introduce to the problem then you describe what’s out there so sometimes the related works it’s actually here in the end so this is a little bit of a design decision of freedom that you have if you put it in the beginning here then this you typically do if you have an approach where you can present quite well kind of the general idea and then describe how this relates to other methods if it’s very technical and you need to know what’s going on here before you can describe how your method differentiates from others.