A Parallel Essay Structure

Let`s look at the example sentence the mistake in this sentence major sporting events should not exceed not accept sponsorship from companies like coca-cola and McDonald’s because it is contradictory promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and it is completely unnecessary the problem is that little part of the sentence there okay the problem that we’re looking at here is something called parallel structure okay parallel structure means that in a sentence the different points the different ideas in a sentence need to be in the same grammatical form okay so if you have three points in a sentence if you have three reasons right.

They have to be the same grammar structure so if it has to be three clauses or three phrases or three nouns okay so if you look at this sentence you got the word because right so this first part here this is the opinion right saying major sporting events should not accept sponsorship because and then it gives three reasons right gives three reasons but if you look very closely these three reasons are not the same grammar okay now look at it you got because it is contradictory okay so you got a subject in a verb there that’s a clause and down at the bottom you’ve got it is completely unnecessary okay and in this case and another clause and then in the middle you’ve got that guy there missing right you just have promotes an unhealthy lifestyle so in order for this sentence to be grammatically balanced and even you have to put that subject in there and say because it is contradictory it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and it’s is completely unnecessary alright now that’s parallel structure if you if you’re not familiar with parallel structure we have a whole class on it that you can go back an hour in our playlist and you can find it and watch the whole class.

The whole hour just on this okay but this is one mistake that we’re going to look at later okay I wanted to start the class with something like this just to kind of get you guys thinking right away all right and we’re going to come back to this I just got an OMG is that an OMG of horror and and fear or an OMG of wow that is so cool and amazing um you can yeah you can you can clarify if you want okay I know that this is kind of this is complicated don’t be scared I’ll walk you through it a little bit later okay so let’s let’s dial it back a little bit let’s let’s relax and get into the main topic of the class okay opinion essay the opinion essay is a really common essay that you at one point in your academic career you will have to write an opinion essay in English or in your own line which okay it’s it’s very common and it’s a very common test question whether it’s in a university course or a college course it could be an IELTS exam or a TOEFL exam or any kind of language assessment exam.